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Sarah Mayne

Welcome to Shimmy! I'm so glad you are here and can't wait to meet you, either on the dance floor or entertaining at your next event. I have the utmost respect for Raqs Sharqi and have so many stories I could tell you spanning over the past 20 years. It has been and continues to be one of the most epic journeys of my life.

My Story

From a young age Sarah studied ballet, swing, ballroom and Latin. She was introduced to Middle Eastern Dance in 1999 which led her to become a pioneer in her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. She founded BellyDance Grand Rapids in 2003 and the Ambrosia Theater in 2014. 


Sarah has studied extensively with Yasmina Ramzy and attended workshops with other artists such as Dina Talaat, Randa Kamal, Sahra Saeeda, Camelia of Cairo, Artemis, Mohamed Salah, Tayyar, Mohamed Shahin, and Dr. George Sawa. Sarah is an instructor and choreographer from 2003 to present, directing Delkash Dance Co. and Allspice Dancers. Sarah furthered her Middle East dance studies by attending Yasmina Ramzy's Planet Egypt Tour in 2017.


Delkash Dance Company was hired by Grand Rapids Museum of the Arts for the King Tut exhibit gala “Night on the Nile” in 2015. She has hosted several international dance masters in Grand Rapids in order to enrich the local dance community. In 2018, Sarah co-founded and managed the Yasmina Ramzy Arts Mentorship Program.  Also in 2018, Sarah performed with Arabesque Dance Co. at the CNE and Carassauga Festival (2017, 2018). She was a member of Arabesque Dream Company and performed at Dance Ontario Dance in 2019. She also performed with Mohamed Salah's Folklore Ensemble at the Bellydance Blossom Festival opening for Dina Talaat May, 2018.


Sarah has directed more than 1000 shows across the state since 2006, including weekly performances at Mezze with Ensemble Al-Asdeka. She hosted ‘BellyDance Nights’ performing at Shiraz Grille for 12 years.