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"Delkash" is Shimmy’s professional, international dance company. They specialize in Classical or Modern Raqs Sharqi, Assaya (Cane), Shamadan, Bellydance with Veil and Sword, and riveting Tabla/Percussion choreographies. They’re highly skilled at engaging and entertaining all audiences. Always family friendly. Costuming is outstanding, custom ordered from Egypt and styles for more conservative audiences are available.


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Rates listed are for the greater Grand Rapids area. Travel fees may apply outside of these areas. An additional $50 for each 30 minutes of travel per performer will be applied.


20 Minute Set - Most popular!

Our most popular performance is a 20 minute set where our dance artists perform a variety of styles from Egyptian, Lebanese, both Raqs Sharqi and Folklore. These choreographies include props. The set also includes audience participation to several songs at the end.


2 dancers $500

3 dancers $600

4 dancers $750

5 dancers $850


Solo Performance

One of our lead dancers will perform up to a 20 minute set to pre-recorded music that she will provide.

Audience participation is optional.





Traditional Zaffeh Wedding Procession with Shamadan and Sagat is offered.

Music is recorded unless you provide a band.


$300 for one performer. Add $225 for each additional performer.

Zaffeh & Show

We offer a 25% discount If the Zaffeh and Show can be scheduled within the same hour. If they cannot be combined into one hour, they are priced as separate performances.


Show Requirements:

High Quality sound system - no boom box (performers do not bring equipment)

Cleared dance floor space of 100 sq. ft. per performer

Suitable floor for dancing barefoot

Private change room for performers with secure door to leave personal belongings - not public bathroom


* Please note pricing for all US Holidays are premium.

​​​​​​​* Please note that booking sites such as GigMaster charge fees for using their services. Please book directly through Shimmy to avoid extra charges.

“She was impossible to ignore! Beautiful, talented, and she kept her audience engaged with polished moves, crowd involvement, colorful costume changes and great music!"

Rebecca Witt

Musician, Nurse, Grand Rapids, MI

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Grand Rapids, MI. 49506

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