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Jessika Cruz

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May 3, 4, 5, 2019

The Workshops

Rejuvenate your dance expression...

Spring Shimmy Showcase

The Showcase

Poetry in Motion...

Spring Shimmy 2019

One Magical evening

Filled with Artistry, Passion, Sensuality & Expression.


Our Spring Shimmy's Showcase features Jessika Cruz of Brazil. Set One will highlight our Student Performers presenting Chinese Dance, Oriental, Hula Hoop & regional amateur dancers - completed by a feature performance by Jessika Cruz.


Set Two is our Master Gala performance where Delkash Dance Co., Allspice Dancers., Sarah Mayne & regional professionals will present. The evening will finish with another performance by Master Artist, Jessika Cruz. 


$20 adv / $25 @ door


As a Brazil native, Jessika began learning oriental dance at the age of 11.  She went to look for Egyptian style teachers, when she found Luxor schools in Sao Paulo Brazil, the school was transitioning from one to another, so Jessika ended up moving to the new school of Hayat el Helwa, the Rede Hayat also in Sao Paulo. There, she learned more about the Egyptian style, and folklore dances, always being inspired by all the teachers, she taking workshops, and participating on amateur competitions. Started to perform at restaurants and small events.

Jessika moved to United States at the age of 18 in 2009 to study English and psychology, but she decided to leave school to pursue her dreams with the dance.

Jessika began to teach a couple of small groups, made part of a theatrical dance troupe for a year; Compiled for the first time as a professional dancer at the RAKSTAR festival in Miami organized by one of her teachers Virginia Mendez, where she won 1st place in 2011. After living in the United States for 5 years USA she moved to France July of 2014, where she participated in dance competitions in Spain and Hungary.


  • 1st Winner Professional at RAKSTAR Festival-Miami USA 2011

  • 1st Place at the Eshta Eshta festival in Paris organized by Semsemah 2014

  • 1st Place at Ya Amar Festival in Paris organized by Myrto dancer 2014

  • 4th Place at Mahrajane Al Sharq festival in Paris organized by Bina 2015

  • 2nd Place at Oriental Marathon Festival in Montpellier organized by Sharon Mesguich 2015

  • 3rd Place at Tarabesque Festival in Barcelona organized by Salimah 2015

  • 2nd Place at Cairo! Budapest organized by Mercedes Nieto Festival 2016

  • 2nd Winner at Raqs of Cairo Egypt 2016

Her teachers include renowned Brazilian dancer Hayat El Helwa, one of the leading dance inspectors, attended workshops through the years with international master dancers from many countries, Egyptian and non Egyptians.

Her style is very earthy and powerful, her energy is being brought to life with the Brazilian taste that is not to be missed.

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About Jessika
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