Auditions 3/28/2020

Join Delkash Dance Co. or Allspice Troupe

Since you're on this page, you may want to ask yourself these questions...

  • Do you imagine yourself being a part of a Mid Eastern Style Troupe?

  • Are you already a performance troupe/company member and just haven't found the right fit yet?

  • Do you LOVE Raqs Sharqi Dance so much that you want to take your hobby to the next level?

  • Have you been searching for the right outlet for your creative and artistic ideas?

If any of your answers to these questions were a "YES!"  then this might be the moment you have been waiting for!

Our Troupes

Imagine what you could do with the support of GR's only World Dance Arts Academy. Sarah Mayne, Troupe Director for the Delkash Dancers & Owner, has been performing, directing and choreographing since 2003, and began performing Raqs Sharqi in 1999.


Her skills as a focused and compassionate Director have taken her troupe across the world to participate on stage at workshops & festivals and tours. Delkash Dance Co (2003) & Allspice Dancers (2016) have been the featured performers at restaurants, multi-cultural events, museums and benefits throughout the United States and Canada along with hundreds of Private Parties, Weddings & more.

Shimmy is the perfect place to develop your inner artist and showcase your current skills! We facilitate a non-competitive, cooperative environment dedicated to nurturing artists and enriching their experience with dance. Ask our current company members what their experience has been. 


Focus on: Professional level involvement with nationwide and internationally participation in performances, workshops, weddings, private parties, restaurants, festivals and more. 
Company members are expected learn company choreography in addition to creating their own choreography for solo performances and individual artistic growth.


Hobbyist Level with Performances at Local Festivals, Theaters, Workshop & More. Allspice dancers are committed to spreading the joy of Raqs Sharqi with the support and choreography of Sarah Mayne. Company members are expected learn and perform choreography, with opportunities to create choreography, but this is not an expectation.

  1. Download/Read Audition Guidelines

  2. Complete Audition Application via Google Forms

  3. Confirmation will follow after completion of step 1 & 2

Experience of a Lifetime


Saturday, March 28, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Saturday, March 28, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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